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“Excellent service, plentiful portions, reasonable prices and delicious cuisine!”

The most authentic Afghan cuisine in Central VA! We serve traditional Afghan dishes, a variety of lamb, chicken, beef, seafood, rice dishes and tasteful vegetarian curries. Our food is mildly spiced and delicious.

Chef's Recommendations


A popular Middle Eastern Dish and vegetarian delight.  Veggie balls of fava beans, parsley, onions, mint, romaine tomatoes and...


Gyro is a staple across the Middle East. It is made with shaved beef, lamb, chicken or a combination of meats and is typically wrapped in flat...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 11AM through 10PM Sat-Sun 11AM - 10PM, Closed Sunday

Customer Testimonials

Dating Spot

I went with a couple of friends on a weeknight to try this restaurant. The ethnic ambiance and decor make you feel like you are in a different country, and the soft background music and attentive service provide a great dining experience. I ordered my favorite Afghan dish Kabuli Palow, and it was very delicious.  This place would be a perfect spot if you are looking to have a date at an Afghan restaurant.

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