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“Excellent service, plentiful portions, reasonable prices and delicious cuisine!”

The most authentic Afghan cuisine in Central VA! We serve traditional Afghan dishes, a variety of lamb, chicken, beef, seafood, rice dishes and tasteful vegetarian curries. Our food is mildly spiced and delicious.

Chef's Recommendations

Afghan Kabob Palace

The Afghan Kabob Palace offers authentic Afghan...


A popular Middle Eastern Dish and vegetarian...


For a romantic and unique dining experience,...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 11AM through 10PM Sat-Sun 11AM to 10PM, CLOSED SUNDAY

Customer Testimonials

Cooked to Perfection

I had a delicious dinner here with a friend. We ordered the Dinner for Two. My favorite dish was this mushy eggplant appetizer with a tomato sauce and a little drizzle of yogurt and olive oil. I could go back for a double portion of that alone. Lamb and chicken with pilafs were cooked to perfection. Everything was perfect. The decor and service are nice– I really like the ceramic art pieces.

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